Our 2015 Calendar is now available!


Our 2015 Calendar "RCAF" is now available featuring many aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force past and present, all photos taken at various aviation events by Corvidae Studio Photos. It's $20 to buy plus shipping, with $2 of every purchase going to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada (PHWFFC), Newfoundland Chapter.

Click here to go to our store to purchase your copy.

We chose to support PHWFFC because of a connection to a family member and veteran who has benefited from being involved in their activities. Here's some background information on PHWFFC, text graciously provided by Karen Grant, Media Contact for PHWFFC:

"Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada (PHWFFC) is a voluntary organization. We offer fly fishing and fly tying activities to rehabilitating military veterans and others in similar, first response professions.

Inspired by the US Project Healing Waters, PHWFFC has a similar aim: to support physical and emotional healing and recovery through fly fishing educational clinics and outings in a natural, calm and peaceful environment.

Many of the veterans and active service personnel who come to us are coping with the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This condition is a form of mental illness that occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to trauma that may involve death or the treat of it, serious injury or violence of various forms. PTSD is a family disease that not only affects the person diagnosed with the illness, but their entire family and circle of friends. The peace and quiet of being with nature can support the healing process, and fishing is an activity that all the family can enjoy."

The Project has programs operating at the provincial level across Canada. Information can be found on their website at www.projecthealingwaters.ca. Find them on social media too, including Twitter where they are @CanadaPHWFF.